Indexes for periapical health evaluation: A review




CBCT, periapical index, dental radiograph, two-dimensional imaging, three-dimensional imaging


Assessment of periapical health is important for the diagnosis, treatment planning and evaluation of endodontic treatment outcome. Radiographic evaluation of the status of the teeth is the most common modality used for assessing the periapical condition. Therefore, different radiographic indexes have been developed, which are used widely in clinical and epidemiological studies. With the advances in imaging, three-dimensional imaging techniques using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) are very popular now. Indexes based on CBCT which analyses the condition of tooth in different planes have found to give more accurate assessment of periapical conditions compared to conventional radiography. This review aims to summarize different indexes developed for assessing periapical health. 


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Rajasekhar R, Soman S, Sebastian VM, Muliyar S, Cherian NM. Indexes for periapical health evaluation - A review. Int Dent Res 2022;12(2):97-106.


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Rajasekhar, R., Soman, S., Sebastian, V. M., Muliyar, S., & Cherian, N. M. (2022). Indexes for periapical health evaluation: A review. International Dental Research, 12(2), 97–106.