Peripheral Odontogenic Fibroma: A Rare Case Report

Keywords: Gingival lesion, localized gingival enlargement, odontogenic tumors, peripheral odontogenic fibroma


To present the clinical presence, histopathological features, and management of a rare peripheral odontogenic fibroma (POF) case. A 32-year-old male patient was referred to the clinic complaining of a localized gingival enlargement of the anterior maxillary region. Initial periodontal treatment was delivered and the patient was informed about proper oral hygiene. After the initial periodontal treatment, the lesion was surgically excised while preserving the marginal line. POF was diagnosed based on clinical and histopathological findings. Normal mechanical oral hygiene was established in the postoperative period. No recurrence was observed during this follow-up period, and the patient was included in the maintenance phase. POF was treated with local excision and the prognosis was excellent. Regular follow-ups are very important for such patients after surgery.


How to cite this article: Alan R, Can B, Kılınç F. Peripheral Odontogenic Fibroma: A Rare Case Report. Int Dent Res 2018;8(1):45-9.


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