Evaluation of error types and quality on panoramic radiography

Keywords: panoramic radiography, error type, error quality


Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of panoramic radiographic errors and to evaluate the correlation between age and panoramic radiographic error types.

Methodology: A total of 500 panoramic radiographs (259 male, 241 female) which have been taken for various reasons were randomly selected from the archive of our dentomaxillofacial radiology department.  Patients were divided into six age groups and by sex. The assessed errors included the tongue not in contact with palate, slumped position, patients not biting on bite block, patient movement, the chin tipped high, the chin tipped low, the patient positioned forward, the patient positioned backward, patient’ head turned to one side, foreign bodies in the image, exposure errors, positioning error of the lips and missing image. Each radiograph was quality rated as excellent, diagnostically acceptable or unacceptable.

Results: One or more errors were detected in 317 (63.4%) of the 500 panoramic radiographs, while no error was found in 183 (%36.6). It was observed that the most common error type was the slumped position (13.2%). Quality of the panoramic radiographs was evaluated according to the criteria, only 15% images were classified as “excellent”, 48.2% was as “inadequate for diagnosis” and 36.8% was as “adequate for diagnosis”. It was recorded that “slumped position” and “patient movement” errors were statistically significant in >56 years (p <0.05).

Conclusion: Patients can be protected from unnecessary radiation reception by investigating the causes of panoramic radiographic errors and training of technicians in this direction.


How to cite this article: Aktuna Belgin C, Serindere G. Evaluation of error types and quality on panoramic radiography. Int Dent Res 2019;9(3):99-104.


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