Evaluation of liquid sorption and color stability of dental composites after exposure to common lactation teas





sorption, color change, composite, lactation tea


Aim: To assess the effects of common lactation teas on liquid sorption and color stability of three different dental composites.

Methodology: A total of 60 samples (n = 5) were examined from three composite materials: Omnichroma (Tokuyama Dental Co., Tokyo, Japan), Estelite Posterior, (Tokuyama Dental Co., Tokyo, Japan), and Mosaic Universal (Ultradent production Inc., South Jordan, UT, USA). Samples measuring 2x6 mm were taken and immersed in three different teas—Humana (Humana, Bremen, Germany), Hipp, (Hipp, Pfaffenhofen, Germany), and Lactamil (Nutricia, Friedrichsdorf, Germany) —as well as artificial saliva. The measurements were recorded at baseline and on the 7th day. A sensitive analytical balance was used to measure liquid sorption, and a VITA Easy Shade device was used for color measurements. Absorption and Delta E values ​​were calculated. The data were analyzed using MANOVA at a significance level of (p<0.05).

Results: Composite materials, solutions, and their interactions had a statistically significant effect on the sorption and Delta E values (p<0.001). The relative liquid absorption values among the composites were recorded as follows: Tokuyama>Mosaic>Omnichroma. Humana had the highest and Hipp had the lowest mean value among the solutions (p<0.001). For Delta E, Mosaic had the highest mean value among the composites, and Lactamil had the highest mean value among the solutions (p<0.001).

Conclusion: Lactation teas cause discoloration in dental composites. In vitro and in vivo studies on color changes in dental composites are needed due to the sorption of these fluids.


How to cite this article: Özüdoğru S, Tosun G. Survival and clinical evaluation of various space maintainers used for early primary tooth loss. Int Dent Res 2021;11(Suppl.1):222-7.




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