Transverse dentofacial dimensions according to skeletal maturation




transverse, radiographs, maturation, hand-wrist, cervical vertebrae


Aim: This study aimed to determine the dentofacial transverse dimensions according to the hand-wrist and cervical vertebrae skeletal maturation stages in order to evaluate the differences between the sexes, to identify the correlations between transverse measurements, and to compare the transverse measurements of individuals of different origins with those of Turkish individuals.

Methodology: Transverse measurements were performed using the posteroanterior radiographs of 265 Turkish individuals (150 females, 115 males) at 7–17 years of age. Skeletal maturation was evaluated using hand-wrist radiographs and lateral cephalometric radiographs, and the results were used to categorize the patients into 3 stages of hand-wrist skeletal maturity (prepubertal/pubertal/postpubertal) and 2 stages of cervical vertebrae maturity (prespurt/postspurt). Seven measurements were evaluated. A multivariate linear regression model was used to evaluate the correlations between transverse measurements and the variables of skeletal age and sex.

Results: Sex was a significant explanatory factor for all transverse variables. In the postpubertal and postspurt stages, all transverse measurement values were found to be higher in males. Postpubertal term was a significant explanatory factor for maxillary, mandibular, mandibular intermolar, and maxillary intermolar widths, whereas pubertal term was only a significant explanatory factor for maxillary intermolar width.

Conclusion: Skeletal age and sex should be taken into account when determining transverse dentofacial measurements.


How to cite this article: Sezen Erhamza T, Akan B, Nazik Ünver F, Evli Dalgalı P. Transverse dentofacial dimensions according. Int Dent Res 2021;11(2):99-108.


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