Treatment of Odontogenic Keratocyst: A Case Report


  • Mahmut Koparal Assistant Professor, Adıyaman University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Adıyaman, Turkey
  • Ozkan Adiguzel Dicle University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Endodontics, Diyarbakir, Turkey



Odontogenic keratocyst, jaw cyst, aggressive lesion


Aim: Odontogenic keratocysts are aggressive lesions characterised   by a high recurrence risk ratio due to dental lamina residues in mandibular and maxillary regions. Odontogenic keratocysts appear distinct from other jaw cysts.

Methodology: In this report, a 35-year-old male patient was admitted to our clinic with numbness in the left mandible; the patient had also been admitted approximately 1 year previously complaining of paraesthesia, which subsequently progressed to complete numbness. During intraoral examination luxation was detected in the mandibular left second molar tooth. No carries or periodontal abnormalities were observed. In panoramic images a radiolucent lesion was detected, with regular boundaries, in the area of interest. Results: The mass was enucleated under local anaesthesia and second molar teeth were extracted. During histopathological examination the mass was determined as a keratocyst.

Conclusions: In the present case, surgical treatment was performed. 

How to cite this article: Koparal M, Adiguzel O.  Treatment of Odontogenic Keratocyst: A Case Report. Int Dent Res 2016;6:13-15.

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Koparal, M., & Adiguzel, O. (2016). Treatment of Odontogenic Keratocyst: A Case Report. International Dental Research, 6(1), 13–15.
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