Retrospective evaluation of fissure sealants applied by dentistry students




Pit and fissure sealant, caries, pediatric dentistry, preventive dentistry


Aim: The purpose of this study was to assess the adequacy and success in meeting protective expectations over time of resin-containing fissure sealants applied by dentistry students in our clinic.

Methodology: Six-month controls were performed on 516 teeth of 85 patients aged 9–15 years. The 6-month controls of the resin-based pit and fissure sealants applied by 5th-grade dentistry students to patients presenting to the Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Dentistry Pedodontics Clinic between January 2022 and February 2022 were checked, and their survival was checked. The SPSS 26 statistical program was used in the analysis of the data. The statistical significance level in the study was determined as p < 0.05. A total of 85 patients and a total of 516 teeth, including premolars and molars, were included in the study.

Results: A total of 128 teeth were processed in the right maxilla, and total retention was observed in 102 teeth. Right maxilla; When the left maxilla (p = 0.001), left mandible (p = 0.011), and right mandible (p = 0.001) were compared in terms of total retention, a statistically significant difference was found. When the teeth were compared among themselves, the highest rate of loss, a total loss of 50%, was found in teeth 26 and 47. When the teeth were evaluated according to age, teeth numbered 14 (p = 0.001) and 24 (p = 0.001) were 9 years old, teeth 35 (p = 0.001) and 45 (p = 0.001) were 9–10 years old, and tooth number 44 (0.012). At the age of 10, the percentage of total loss was higher than in the other age groups, and a statistically significant difference was found. This suggests that the ideal isolation of the permanent premolars may not have been achieved because they do not fully erupt at the age of 9–10. 

Conclusion: When all the results were evaluated, it was seen that the retention of fissure sealants depended on multiple factors, and their indications should be carefully examined.


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Abaklı İnci M, Özer H, Koç M. Retrospective evaluation of fissure sealants applied by dentistry students. Int Dent Res 2022;12(Suppl.1):59-64.


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Abaklı İnci, M. ., Özer, H., & Koç, M. (2022). Retrospective evaluation of fissure sealants applied by dentistry students. International Dental Research, 12(Suppl. 1), 59–64.
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