Areas for use of PEEK material in dentistry




Polyetheretherketone, PEEK, polymer, dental application, dental implant


Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) material is a polycyclic, aromatic, thermoplastic polymer that is semi-crystalline and has a linear structure. PEEK has good mechanical and electrical properties such as resistance to high temperature and resistance to hydrolysis. In addition, because of the property of high biocompatibility, use of PEEK has increased in orthopedic and trauma cases. The most characteristic property of PEEK material is that it has a low elasticity modulus, close to that of bone. It has been suggested that stress-based problems could be reduced with this material due to the low elasticity modulus. In the light of this information, PEEK material could be considered as an alternative to conventional materials in the field of dentistry.


How to cite this article: Tekin S, Cangül S, Adıgüzel Ö, Değer Y. Areas for use of PEEK material in dentistry. Int Dent Res 2018;8(2):84-92.


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Tekin, S., Cangül, S., Adıgüzel, Özkan, & Değer, Y. (2018). Areas for use of PEEK material in dentistry. International Dental Research, 8(2), 84–92.
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