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International Dental Research is the official triannually publication. IDR is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed dental journal publishing articles in the field of the dentistry.

International Dental Research also aims to provide clinicians, scientists and students of dentistry with a knowlodge transfer platform for rapid publication of reports through an international journal.




ISSN: 2146-1767 (Online)
ISSN: 2146-216X (Print)



  • Caries and Dental Fluorosis Among 7-to 12-Year-Old Children From Low- and Moderate-Fluoride Areas in Turkey

    Buket Ayna, Sema Celenk, Behiye Bolgul, Fatma Atakul, Ersin Uysal

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  • An Alternative Impression Technique for an Infant with Cleft Palate

    Canan Akay, Duygu Karakis, Suat Yalug

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