In compliance with the law, digital copies of all published issues are saved in the Keepers Registry through the PKP Preservation Network (PKP PN) platform, as well as in the Internet Archive, a non-profit library that holds millions of free books, articles, etc. The Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs aims to maintain the constant availability and online accessibility of published articles. 


Digital preservation is a set of processes and activities that ensure the retrieval and distribution of information now available in digital formats to guarantee long-term, perpetual access. The preservation policy includes the following measures:


Website Archiving

All of the electronic content (website, manuscript, etc.) is stored in three different sources. Content on a server is online and accessible to readers. A copy of the same content is preserved as a backup on other servers. Should a server fail, other resources can be brought online, and the website is expected to be available in 24-36 hours.


Abstracting/Indexing Services

Our journal's Abstracting/Indexing services store essential information about articles. In addition, some of our journal’s Abstracting/Indexing services archive metadata about the article and electronic versions of the articles.In this way, copies of articles are presented to the scientific community through these systems as an alternative to journals.


Author Self-Archiving Policy

Authors are permitted and encouraged to post their articles on personal and institutional websites after publication (while providing full bibliographic details and a link to the original publication).